Harnessing the latest clinical advances. Preserving the traditional care pathway. Revolutionizing the type 2 diabetes treatment landscape.


Together, we can change the way type 2 diabetes is treated and bring control to the lives of millions.


Glyscend is dedicated to the development of a truly revolutionary approach to treating type 2 diabetes. The company began with the insight that bariatric surgery can lead to the immediate remission of the disease, and has since been engaged in the development of a non-invasive approach which will act on the same mechanism as surgery but fit within the current care pathway. Glyscend is devoted to providing patients with an effective strategy to keep glucose levels under control and eliminate potential side effects like weight gain and hypoglycemia. 


Sponsors and Partners

News and Press

August 2019 - Glyscend wins $100,000 NSF SBIR Phase II Special Supplement Grant

January 2018 - Glyscend featured in Scientific American's Next Frontiers (pg. 6-7)

September 2017 - Glyscend wins $500,000 NSF SBIR Phase II Grant

May 2017 - Glyscend wins TEDCO's 2017 ICE Award for Innovation in Baltimore.

November 2016 - Glyscend wins $500,000 Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Quickfire Challenge from over 470 applicants from 40 countries and 6 continents. 

November 2016 - Glyscend presents at Obesity Week in New Orleans, LA. 

November 2016 - Glyscend wins 2nd place in the ADA HealthTech Showcase in Palo Alto, CA. 

October 2016 - Glyscend places 2nd in the T1D Exchange/M2D2 Diabetes Innovation Challenge in Boston, MA.

August 2016 - Glyscend wins $150,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase III grant from TEDCO (MD)

April 2016 - Glyscend featured in Hopkins Biotech Network's Alumni Spotlight

March 2016 - Glyscend presents at VentureWell Open Minds Conference

January 2016 - Glyscend wins $15,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase II grant from TEDCO (MD)

November 2015 - Glyscend participates in TEDCO's Entrepreneurship Expo in Baltimore, MD

October 2015 - JHU Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design shares Glyscend's story

September 2015 - Glyscend presents at the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I Conference in Arlington, VA

September 2015 - Glyscend participates in the 3rd World Congress on Interventional Therapies for T2DM in London, "an unprecedented gathering... for the development of a modern, multi-modality approach to the care of T2DM.\"

July 2015 - Glyscend  wins $225,000 NSF STTR Grant in partnership with Johns Hopkins University

July 2015 - Hopkins team wins $54,000 Coulter Translational Fund grant (Johns Hopkins University)

September 2014 - Glyscend participates in the MDMA's 7th Annual Medical Technology Executive Forum in Palo Alto, CA

September 2014 - Glyscend, Inc. is founded by members of the Hopkins team, with the goal of developing an approach to treating T2DM based on insights from bariatric surgery

September 2014 - Hopkins team wins $100,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase I grant from TEDCO (MD)

July 2014 - Hopkins team wins $25,000 in seed grants from VentureWell (formerly NCIIA)

May 2014 - Hopkins team wins $20,000 Coulter Translational Fund seed grant (Johns Hopkins University)

May 2014 - Hopkins team wins $20,000 from the Johnson & Johnson Technology Accelerator Fund (J&J and JHU)