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News and Press

January 2018 - Glyscend featured in Scientific American's Next Frontiers (pg. 6-7)

September 2017 - Glyscend wins $500,000 NSF SBIR Phase II Grant

May 2017 - Glyscend wins TEDCO's 2017 ICE Award for Innovation in Baltimore.

November 2016 - Glyscend wins $500,000 Johnson and Johnson (J&J) Quickfire Challenge from over 470 applicants from 40 countries and 6 continents. 

November 2016 - Glyscend presents at Obesity Week in New Orleans, LA. 

November 2016 - Glyscend wins 2nd place in the ADA HealthTech Showcase in Palo Alto, CA. 

October 2016 - Glyscend places 2nd in the T1D Exchange/M2D2 Diabetes Innovation Challenge in Boston, MA.

August 2016 - Glyscend wins $150,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase III grant from TEDCO (MD)

April 2016 - Glyscend featured in Hopkins Biotech Network's Alumni Spotlight

March 2016 - Glyscend presents at VentureWell Open Minds Conference

January 2016 - Glyscend wins $15,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase II grant from TEDCO (MD)

November 2015 - Glyscend participates in TEDCO's Entrepreneurship Expo in Baltimore, MD

October 2015 - JHU Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design shares Glyscend's story

September 2015 - Glyscend presents at the NSF SBIR/STTR Phase I Conference in Arlington, VA

September 2015 - Glyscend participates in the 3rd World Congress on Interventional Therapies for T2DM in London, "an unprecedented gathering... for the development of a modern, multi-modality approach to the care of T2DM.\"

July 2015 - Glyscend  wins $225,000 NSF STTR Grant in partnership with Johns Hopkins University

July 2015 - Hopkins team wins $54,000 Coulter Translational Fund grant (Johns Hopkins University)

September 2014 - Glyscend participates in the MDMA's 7th Annual Medical Technology Executive Forum in Palo Alto, CA

September 2014 - Glyscend, Inc. is founded by members of the Hopkins team, with the goal of developing an approach to treating T2DM based on insights from bariatric surgery

September 2014 - Hopkins team wins $100,000 Maryland Innovation Initiative Phase I grant from TEDCO (MD)

July 2014 - Hopkins team wins $25,000 in seed grants from VentureWell (formerly NCIIA)

May 2014 - Hopkins team wins $20,000 Coulter Translational Fund seed grant (Johns Hopkins University)

May 2014 - Hopkins team wins $20,000 from the Johnson & Johnson Technology Accelerator Fund (J&J and JHU)